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Long time no see…

So Tumblr last time I was here …I had a best friend named that moved to Europe ….and our friendship moved with her. I miss my best friend….I don’t really know why we aren’t friends any more…but sometimes people are only  in your life for a season and if that is the case…it was a great season 

I had a girlfriend that I thought would become my wife but, who broke my heart once and then I allowed her to rip the band-aid off a year later…and pour a pound of salt all in that wound…I’m stronger now…I’m healed…I’m happy. 

I was extremely over weight at 5’0 and 3/4 (normally I would say 5’1 but, I am being brutally honest) 209 lbs (over the years I had Yo-Yo’d up and down the 200’s)  My blood sugar was constantly 200+ (sometimes as high as 600) my blood pressure was constantly 150/93 or higher…I have been fighting a losing battle with both diseases and my stomach looked like i was having triplets when the rest of me well…didn’t.

I kept asking doctors what can I do…I kept being told about what would happen to me if I didn’t do anything but nobody was giving me a solution that didn’t involve a mountain of medication. I have since changed my diet (again), started working out(more consistently) …became a licensed Zumba instructor (not teaching anywhere yet) and had surgery(thats the big one)…resulting in an immediate loss of 20-25lbs with highly improved numbers…and I am getting healthier every day :)

I will always have emotional and mental scars from this…as well as a hip to hip scar on my body oh and a new belly button(kind of liked the old one, oh well.) I took a month off from work for this…and now I have to fight for my job because the surgery I had was not the surgery they wanted me to have…you can’t cookie cut all solutions, even snowflakes are different. 

I fell out with my mom for a while…it hurt every day that I couldn’t talk to her and share everything with the only person I would take a bullet for and my best friend since birth. We got over it…We are closer than ever.

I have moved twice …and probably will a 3rd time…but no time soon. My dog is still my one baby …and my only baby. 

I haven’t gotten any new tattoos(oh but they are coming)

I took out my tongue ring (it was time, it served its emotional crippling purpose long enough)

I read all the divergent books, reading the latest Cassandra Claire even though the ruined the mortal instruments movie (not her fault) I still love the books. 

Someone wants me…but I don’t think now is the time to engage in a relationship for me…I would hate for anyone to go through what I just got over. 

Still in to comic books…that will never change

Still a nerd at heart…*insert infinity symbol* 

I gave up social media this week…but I consider this therapy. 

I am still a lesbian in a red state…that I hope will turn as blue as my dashboard. 

I am still holding on tight with this roller coaster called life…and even though the drops can be seriously gut wrenching I am not getting off, they are going to have to drag me off this ride kicking and screaming. 

Now, that we are all caught up on me…how are you ?

This has to be one of the SEXIEST tattoos I HAVE EVER seen … 

This has to be one of the SEXIEST tattoos I HAVE EVER seen … 


So on point!  (Taken with instagram)

I must find and try


So on point! (Taken with instagram)

I must find and try

(Source: shaxhid)

So true
I love this photo….


I swear I would travel to be tattooed by whoever did this 
I saw this great tattoo a while back on the Fuckyeahtattoos blog from the giving tree…which was a family favorite I still have my copy ….and I was searching on amazon for a red case for my macbook and found this and decided that I had to have it ….this book has great memories and I’m glad its not just me that it touched 
So i forced my girl in front of the camera today… she payed me back with this picture lol Hey tumblr long time no see …just thought I would stop by to say whats up…

Angela Bulloch at Micheline Szwajcer